Mix International offers you high quality dog food. Partly due to the rise of fresh meat (e.g. by Barf) other dog food types have been of interest. There are now, in addition to the standard food for dogs, additional mixes and dogs dinners. Mix International has anticipated on this and can make a distinctive blend for you. Through our concept we can easily make a by special request complete dog food in relatively small quantities by type.

For supplements to fresh meat you are at the right place with Mix International. We can offer you many needed supplements as rice flakes, dried fruit and spice mixes. If desired the meat can be supplemented with necessary the vitamins and minerals and/or products of animal origin.

Also for complete feed we can create the perfect mix of various kinds of meat-and-bone meal and extrudates around your own dog food or our standard dog food. These meals can be coated with animal fat or oil, so they will stick to the dog food. This coating provides a high level of acceptance of the feed. It also gives our client the possibility to offer a distinctive feed for any target. It is also possible to produce a feed that are scientifically acclaimed. An additional advantage of the coating is that the products are 100% working. Because we do not work with high processing temperatures, the natural properties of the supplements are not lost in the manufacturing process.

Click on the image for the posibilities of our dog feed.