multiheadA product that is produced should of course also be packaged. At Mix International we would like to do this for you. We package at competitive rates.afvullenMoreover Mix International offers the possibility of co-packing. You deliver your products to us and we make sure they are packaged for you.

We have various types of bagging lines, making it possible to choose from many different sizes and packaging. There is always an appropriate choice for you. We can offer you packaging sizes from 80 grams to 25 kilograms. If required we can fill big bags for you. The feed can be filled with CO2 in small packages to protect your product.

Packaging options include: paper bags, foils, block bottom packaging, laminate flooring, Quattroseal, buckets, boxes, packaging etc. Also for closing the containers we offer you various options. We can seal, sew or sew your packaging with creb.

As you can see, we have countless possibilities. For more information please feel free to contact us.


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